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Healing in Africa - Siri Dharma Kaur CD

Healing in Africa - Siri Dharma Kaur CD

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Through the many years when black African voices were stifled in South Africa, choirs became a crucial platform for human expression. The Alex Community Choir was formed in the early 1980s at a time of immense political turmoil in South Africa. The choir has met, on and off, over the last 20 years, participating in various choral festivals. The choir consists of 25 members, bonded together by their common spirituality and desire to nurture a strong sense of community. This CD is a celebration of music and spirit uniting people from different communitites and backgrounds, reminding us of what it is that we all have in common.

The chants and songs are truly heartfelt, warming, inspiring and beautiful to either listen to or sing along.

Sat Siri Siri Akaal (11:07)
Meditation for Communication (11:00)
Guru Ram Das Chant - Healing in Africa (11:00)
When the View changes (5:45).

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