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Soul in Wonder - Miten with Deva Premal CD

Soul in Wonder - Miten with Deva Premal CD

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Acceptance and revelation are the themes of Soul In Wonder, the eagerly awaited new album from Miten - a seasoned artist at the peak of his poetic powers. This album is a great follow-up to his other album: Songs of the Inner Lover

Singing to our soul, Miten’s tales of awakening, discovery and wonder are enhanced by Deva Premal’s divine vocals & the bansuri flute of Manose, along with harmonium, kora, violin, Hammond organ, slide guitar and mandolin.

Soul In Wonder sees Miten going back to his roots, combining the rock and blues of his youth with dance rhythms, mantras and heartfelt songs of wood smoke, banyan trees and holy rivers in the moonlight - from a true soul in wonder.

"This is an extraordinary album, and the reasons why it took some time to create become evident as you listen, soaring along on the waves of inspired artistry. Fly High!"
-Lloyde Barde, Back Roads Music.

More Information about Deva Premal you will find here: Meditation music by Deva Premal


  • Through The Eyes Of Angel (4:50)
  • Lokah Samasta (10:18)
  • Calma e Tranquilidade (11:12)
  • Awakening (5:23)
  • Humaniversal (3:41)
  • Twameva (3:19)
  • Fly High (7:03)
  • You Gotta Move (3:26)
  • Inarticulate Speech of the Heart (5:14)
  • Free Spirit (5:12)

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