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Bhaktiprayers - Janin Devi CD

Bhaktiprayers - Janin Devi CD

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"The tracks on the album Bhaktiprayers are matching different Hatha Yoga postures of the Sivananda tradition. At the same time they work interactively to support you in your individual yoga practice. It does not matter which tradition you follow – whether you are resting in a meditative posture or making your body flow with the movements."
- Janin Devi


  • Jisa Hala Me (Savasana/Beginning relaxation) (7:02)
  • So Ham (Kapalabhati/Breath of Fire) (10:05)
  • Om Aim Hrim Klim (Anuloma Viloma/Alternate breathing) (5:59)
  • Surya Mantras (Surya Namaskar/Sun Prayer) (7:32)
  • Heartbeat 1 (instr., Gharbasana-Balasana/Child) (1:26)
  • Krishna Mahayogin (Shirshasana/Headstand) (3:10)
  • Sri Ram (Sarvangasana/Shoulder stand) (3:57)
  • Jay Sri Ma (Halasana/Plow pose) (3:55)
  • Heartbeat 2 (instr., Matsyasana/Fish pose) (3:33)
  • Hanuman Bolo (Sansula Edit.Pashimottanasana/Forward bend) (6:38)
  • Jaya Ma Durga (Bhujangasana/Cobra) (3:38)
  • Gayatri (Dhanurasana/Bow pose) (5:01)
  • We are One (Ardha Matsyendrasana/Rotary seat) (5:05)
  • Om Shanti (Savasana/Final relaxation) (3:32)

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