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 Agua de Luna - Mirabai Ceiba CD

Agua de Luna - Mirabai Ceiba CD

Item No: CD-626
9,75  incl. 19% VAT

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A deeply rooted sense of harmony with both nature and humanity pervades Agua de Luna, the eighth studio album from Mirabai Ceiba. Gossamer layers of gently plucked string instruments and stately piano arpeggios underscore some of the most gloriously poetic English and Spanish lyrical imagery yet to emerge from the globally-oriented, husband-and-wife duo of Angelika Baumbach and Markus Sieber.

Angelika & Markus of Mirabai Ceiba say about their new album Aqua de Luna:
There are many strings that have been woven together all these past years that have brought us to the creation of this album, Aqua de Luna, for all of which we are infinitely grateful. This music is essentially born from a longing to enter in a deep conversation with our existence, in relationship with nature and our human society. “n many ways, this is our most personal album, but at the same time it’s our most universal. Both those energies are present.

"Mirabai Ceiba's new album Agua de Luna immerses the listener in a mesmerizing dreamscape of glistening strings, sparkling moonlight and two beautiful voices. From songs of hushed reverie to anthemic tracks that take all of humanity in a love embrace, Agua de Luna is a major new musical statement from one of the most-beloved duos in world devotional music."
- Alan Di Perna

Angelika Baumbach - vocals, harp, piano, harmonium
Markus Sieber - vocals, guitars, charango, ronroco, synths, piano, harmonica, percussion

Bogdan Djukic - violin
Yoed Nir - cello
Jamshied Sharifi - piano
Miguel Hiroshi - percussion, drums
Tina Malia - vocals
Yemanjo - trumpet
Charly Garcia - flute

Audience choir of Sound & Silence Costa Rica in 'Dejemos al Menos Cantos' recorded by Drew LaPlante, featuring Jai Jagdeesh, Tina Malia, Brenda McMorrow, Felicia Falck, Shivani Ma, Susie Ro, Darren Austin Hall, Lester Seal, Nispar Mohr, David Mages, Bogdan Djukic.


  • Agua de Luna (05:36)
  • You Are A Song (04:09)
  • Dejemos Al Menos Cantos (06:13)
  • We Are The Mirror (06:38)
  • Silence To Break (04:20)
  • Claro Luzero Del Dia (04:00)
  • El Rio (06:12)
  • Heart Of Perfect Wisdom (08:46)
  • Luz De La Manana (04:15)

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