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The Music Within - Sirgun Kaur & Sat Darshan Singh CD

The Music Within - Sirgun Kaur & Sat Darshan Singh CD

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The Music Within is Sirgun Kaur's and Sat Darshan Singh's first album on which these two brilliant musicans collaborate with each other to create a wonderful collection of mantras from the Kundalini Yoga tradition, as well as a couple from the Bhakti Yoga tradition. The mantras Aap Sahaee and Gobinday were recorded specifically for 11 minute meditations and especailly the affirmative chant I Am the Light of my Soul is a highlight on this CD.

Sirgun Kaur is an Arizona-based sacred chantress who is also Kundalini Yoga instructor as well as an avid blogger. Her wonderful, angelic voice has gotten international recognition at the White Tantric Yoga courses, where her song Bliss - I Am the Light of my Soul from this album was selected as the soundtrack to the inspiring DVD Facets of the Master about Yogi Bhajans live, and was played at each break. Sirgun Kaurs soothing voice carries you with love, clarity and a uniquely warm, soulful timbre.

Sat Darshan Singh and The Kirtan Caravan
Sat Darshan Singh Khalsa was born into the tradition of Kundalini Yoga and was raised doing the Aquarian Sadhana. Showing an affinity for music at a young age, he studied classical Indian Kirtan in Amritsar, India for 7 years, 4 with the great Indian Raagi Ustad Narinder Singh Sandhu. Growing up studying Kundalini Yoga directly with Yogi Bhajan, he became a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor while in India. Back in America, Sat Darshan had the opportunity to study with masters in Rock, Blues, and Jazz music such as Kevin Zoernig and Jason Goodyear. An audio engineer by trade, he has toured with Snatam Kaur and Guruganesha Singh. He has also shared the stage with many of the Kundalini chant artists today such as Snatam Kaur, GuruGanesha Singh, Harnam Singh, Bachan Kaur, Sat Purkh Kaur, SatKirin Kaur, and Hari Bhajan Kaur. He plays regularly in New York City at Golden Bridge Yoga and Kundalini Yoga in Park Slope, Brooklyn, bringing the sacred sounds of Gurmukhi to an urban audience.


  • Aad Guray Nameh (09:53)
  • Gobinday (11:51)
  • Bliss - I Am the Light of the Soul (08:11)
  • Aap Sahaee (12:12)
  • Bless the Good - Sat Gur Prasad (08:10)
  • Dhan Su Vela (13:44)
  • Heart Mantras (12:24)

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