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Sattva - Manish Vyas CD

Sattva - Manish Vyas CD

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Our special pick! The Sanskrit word ‘Sattva’ means 'the essence of being'. It refers to that soft, silent and serene space that awaits us beyond our mind.

With 'Sattva', Manish launches his first album, sharing the many years of experimentation that have graced his musical journey – a journey enriched by talented musicians from around the globe.

Through songs and chants vibrating with silence, devotion and prayer, this music connects you with this very essence, bringing the listener effortlessly into the heart.

Let his soulful voice and rich compositions based on ancient mantras and 'tarana' lead you into ‘Sattva’... the state of balance and harmony.

Manish accompanied Snatam Kaur’s Concert Tour with his Tablabeats and his capturing voice. In each concert, he played one of the songs of this album live, and the audience instantly joined in, deeply moved, and a wonderful, almost undescribable energy of sacredness filled the place – that’s the power of this album!


  • Ishq (8:09)
  • Tumi Bhaja Re Mana (8:07)
  • Sattva (7:06)
  • Shivoham (9:42)
  • Meera (6:53)
  • Karuna (7:56)
  • OM Namo Narayana 8:19.

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