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Raj Yoga - Guru Shabad Singh CD

Raj Yoga - Guru Shabad Singh CD

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Raj Jog - The 5 Swayas of Guru Ram Das. "We will need these specific vibrations at different times in our lives. We should not hesitate to use them. You must have an understanding of which key can open which lock. Not only would I suggest you leasrn these 5 Shabads, but I also suggest you teach your children so that they and their generations to follow may know what to do and under what circumstances." (Yogi Bhajan)

In his known way of creating wonderful, soothing melodies, Guru Shabad Singh puts these five sdhabds of Guru Ram Das to music with melodies full of style and harmony. the love, the compassion, the heart, and the power of devotion, for which Guru Ram Das stands for, are being opened in an incredibly subtle way. The power of each shabad is carried by Guru Shabad Singh's gentle voice, oppositely completed by the female voice of Sarab Shakti Kaur. His guitar and the well set and arranged background sounds of floating strings, bass, keyboards and soft percussions round up the music with perfection and harmony.

1.) Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur (12:04)
"Whosoever remembers this shabad, if (he) can remember it by heart and recite it, miracolous remedies, miracolous cures, miracolous events, miracolous power can effectively work on the spot." (Yogi Bhajan)
2.) Raj Jog (8:23)
" one power of mastery over the wealth. You may be a beggar and a pauper, but when sung perfectly, you can become a king." (Yogi Bhajan)
3.) Nam Ki Bidai Daee (8:44)
"... bestows power over all realms through spiritual prayer. If you have total bad luck in your life, your destiny can change to a fair goodness." (Yogi Bhajan)
4.) Kundalini Surajee (8:59)
"... those in whose fortune it is not so written to experience the rising of the Kundalini, if they will sing this shabad it can penetrate through all the chakras including the shasharaa and resettle and magnetically purify that person." (Yogi Bhajan)
5.) Ik Ardas (7:45)
"A prayer for protection, for developing a meditative mind and allowing the divine forces to manifest in one's life." (Yogi Bhajan)

This CD is momentarily out of print, but still available for download

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