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Furmaan Khalsa - Mata Mandir Singh CD

Furmaan Khalsa - Mata Mandir Singh CD

Item No: KH-453
8,00  incl. 19% VAT

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Here, various spiritual poems of the book "Furmaan Khalsa" by Yogi Bhajan have been put into wonderful rhythmic and flowing music. Partially in the mantric language 'Gurmukhi', partially in english, these poems are somewhat similar to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, yet always carry the very special touch and depth of Yogi Bhajan.

Again, Mata Mandir Singh shows his multi-instrumental musical talent, as well as the accompanying group of musicians who take their creatice part in this production. Mata Mandir Singh says: I was sitting quietly one day, after listening to myself sing these songs, and I asked God. “Why is it that you allow me to sing such beautiful words? “The answer came immediately “To lift you up”. It wasn’t a big voice from above the clouds or something like that. It just came quietly in my mind. It is my prayer that you the listener will enjoy these beautiful poems and that you are uplifted in hearing them, as I am uplifted when I sing them.


  • The Yogi (5:14)
  • Power (4:36)
  • Devotion (4:14)
  • Raj Yoga (5:13)
  • Perfect Balance (6:00)
  • Wake Up (3:47)
  • Khalsa (7:04)
  • Divine Power (5:26)
  • Sadhana (7:44)

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