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Journey of 3 DVD - Coco van Oppens

Journey of 3 DVD - Coco van Oppens

The European Yoga Festival in France

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Two wonderful documentary films about the European Yoga Festival in France.

The first film is longer (62 Minutes) and accompanies three very different women from South Africa on their way to the European Yoga Festival in France, their experiences there, and the transformational changes they go through while being there. Many aspects of the Yoga Festival are shown and the wonderful variety and colourfulness of this unique event are shining through.

Enriched with interviews and music by Snatam Kaur, and with insights in the many different workshops, the picture becomes very wholesome.

The second film is shorter (12 Minutes) and is made like a TV-report. It is a short and beautiful documentary about the Yoga Festival, as colourful and rich as the longer film, and it also contains interviews for example with Shiv Charan Singh (England), Satya Singh and Simran Kaur (Germany), or Sadhana Singh (Italy).

Both films are so much fun to watch that afterwards you will want to watch them just once more!

Language: English.
Info program/teaching program - no age restriction

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