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 Pranasya Nasal Serum Lakshmi, 10 ml

Pranasya Nasal Serum Lakshmi, 10 ml

For the nose and sinuses, pipette glass bottle

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Lakshmi's Pranasya Nasal Serum is an ayurvedic oil specially formulated for the nasal mucous membranes to nourish these mucous membranes and counteract dryness of the inner walls of the nose.

Pranasya Serum has a special formula of herbs dissolved in ghee (clarified butter) and sesame oil, such as ashwaganda, cinnamon leaves and mallow flowers, as well as Brahmi oil, also called Indian Ginseng.

The serum is drizzled into the nose and has a nurturing, loosening and balancing effect. It is known that well-cared for mucous membranes are less susceptible to allergies and dryness symptoms such as itching and burning.
The ancient Ayurvedic ingredients of the Pranasya serum optimally care for the nasal mucosa.

Lakshmi Pranasya Serum balances the doshas Vata and Pitta in the head area. It naturally supports healthy sinuses and can counteract hypersensitivity to pollen, dry mucous membranes.

By balancing the Vata dosha in this area, many find it very relaxing. If needed, it can also be used during any time of the day.

Contents: 10 ml
In a pipette glass bottle for optimal dosage

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Ingredients (INCI): Sesamum Indicum oil*, Butyrum*, Lac*, Aloe Barbadensis extract*, Withania somnifera Extract**, Malva silvestris Extract**, Cinnamomum Cassia leaf extract**, Emblica offininalis fruit extract, Terminalia Belerica fruit extract, Terminalia Chebula fruit extract, Bacopa Monnieri oil**.
* > 90 % of Ingredients come from Biodynamic agriculture (demeter);
** Ingredients come from organic agriculture
100% ingredients are natural

Preparation / Usage:

Daily (best before going to bed) 1-2 drops in each nostril and distribute the serum in the nasal cavity by gently massaging the nose.
By applying the serum overnight, you get an optimal care effect. The deep effect is supported and intensified by the long application time and the regenerating effect of sleep. If used regularly over several weeks, free breathing should also improve. Initially, symptoms such as morning sputum and mucus may occur, this indicates increased cleansing of the sinuses and frontal sinuses as well.
Dose 1-2 drops per nostril with the pipette. Make sure that the pipette does not touch the skin so that it does not become contaminated.
As the nasal serum also contains ghee, this and the herbs may cause cloudiness at the bottom and it may also solidify due to temperature. Simply warm it carefully before each use and shake well.


Lakshmi® Ayurvedische Naturkosmetik
Untere Str. 42
D-74549 Wolpertshausen

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