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Beloved - Ashana CD

Beloved - Ashana CD

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"Beloved" is a love song to the heart. Tender, joyful and breathtakingly beautiful, this new release from Ashana is a healing balm for the soul that will lift your spirit and carry you into the arms of the Divine. Featuring Ashana's stunning angelic vocals and the luminous sound of crystal singing bowls, the songs on "Beloved" reflect a deep sense of compassion, gentleness and lyrical sensitivity. Heard on this album is a haunting interpretation of the Lord's Prayer sung in the original Aramaic, and exquisite renditions of the Latin "Dona Nobis Pacem" and the Gaelic prayer, "Deep Peace".

Produced, arranged and co-written by Thomas Barquee, with Girish on tablas and percussion and Cameron Stone on cello, "Beloved" blends sacred song, chant, mantra and crystal singing bowls into musical prayer, inviting you to step into grace and be bathed in pure love.

About Ashana:
In a world of abundant musical talents and the ever-expanding New Age music genre, Ashana emerges as a consummate artist of sound and healing with a style uniquely her own.
Weaving together soaring, angelic vocals in an exquisitely crafted, luminous sonic tapestry, Ashana’s music has been described as Enya meets Hildegard of Bingen. Profoundly peaceful and soothing, this stunningly beautiful alchemy penetrates and opens the heart with healing music that has been called “breathtaking” and “pure Manna, direct from Heaven.”

Classically trained, Ashana graduated with a degree in vocal studies from the prestigious Mannes College of Music in New York City, and for years performed as soloist and ensemble member in New York’s early music scene. Moving from ancient to contemporary, she immersed herself in theater, jazz, pop and children’s music as performer, recording artist, songwriter and teacher.
For the last decade, she has been involved in a deeply personal exploration of sound healing and vocal toning, during which period she discovered and began playing quartz crystal singing bowls, instruments that are most often used in contemplative practices to support healing, balance and well-being.

Her debut CD, All Is Forgiven, co-written and produced by world music artist Thomas Barquee, is a testament to the power of this journey. In the hands of these two outstanding musicians, sacred vocal music and crystal sound come together, enfolding the listener in a transcendent experience of the Divine.

You are my Breath (07:37)
The Aramaic Lord's Prayer (10:10)
Dona Nobis Pacem (08:23)
Opening to Love (08:42)
Only you in my Heart (09:27)
Deep Peace (08:53)
Alleluia - Wahe Guru (07:06)

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