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 Indigo Sea - Ajeet Kaur CD

Indigo Sea - Ajeet Kaur CD

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Indigo Sea is a meeting of waters and oceans, weaving together Ajeet Kaur’s roots in Irish song with an intimate and honest poetic journey. This self-produced album gathers world renowned musicians including Leahsong & Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia, Minük and Seamus Egan, as well as many others, to offer a vibrant meeting of melodic textures with rich expansive soundscapes.

Recorded in Ireland, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and more, each song is of nature, bringing forward the elements of water, wind, fire, and earth on this globally inspired journey of songs for the sea.


  • Mo Chroi (04:49)
  • Breathe (04:44)
  • The Waters (08:19)
  • Espiritu (06:40)
  • Dúlamán (06:59)
  • Indigo Sea (04:48)
  • Tá Ná Baid (04:48)
  • Ocean‘s Lullaby (05:49)

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