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Ascend - Shunia CD

Ascend - Shunia CD

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Shunia is the collaboration of two artists, Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson. Through their music, they merge the art forms of chant and opera into an exciting new sound.

Ascend, is a unique debut album with Kundalini Mantras as you have never heard them before: soft and gentle melodies and angelic voices merge with either relaxing and soothing sound scapes, or rise upon invogorating rhythms that make you dance with your feet and your soul!

About their stunning album, Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson say:
„From Opera to Chant, this is our journey. When we discovered the hidden dimension and power of singing chant music, we decided to create the album Ascend in order to share this profound experience. The ultimate purpose of Shunia is to merge music, mantra and movement to bring healing and connection to Source. This practice has the ability to shift energy and create new levels of consciousness.“

Lisa Reagan is a singer, composer and teacher. She earned her Master’s Degree in Opera Performance from the University of Maryland’s Opera Studio. She performed as a resident artist with the Washington National Opera for 20 years. Lisa also sang as a solo performer on many occasions at The White House,

Suzanne Jackson, as a teacher of yoga and voice, helps people find their soul voice and personal destiny through music, movement and meditation. She spent 25 years on stage at the Kennedy Center as a resident artist with the Washington National Opera and teaches her method of conscious singing entitled YogaSing ™ to artists around the country.


  • Har Har Mukanday (05:12)
  • Ma / Adi Shakti (06:58)
  • Wah Yantee (09:02)
  • Sat Siri Siri Akal (04:45)
  • Kal Akal (05:26)
  • Aad Guray Nameh (05:33)
  • Ra Ma Da Sa (06:56)
  • Guru Ram Das (06:51)
  • Long Time Sun (03:35)

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