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 -8: Sirgun Kaur CD

-8: Sirgun Kaur CD

Item No: KH-918
11,90  incl. 19% VAT

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-8 (pronounce "minus eight") is a beautifully sweet and versatile mantra album by singer-composer-songwriter Sirgun Kaur. It was recorded in 432 Hertzhence the name of this album: the tuning is exactly 8 Hertz below the standard tuning of 440 Hertz which is commonly used.

432hz is said to be in tune with the natural frequency of the Universe. Likewise, Sirgun‘s album -8 is a celebration of harmonious sound. The number "8" is also an expression of Infinity. Sirgun Kaur is supported on this album by instrumentalist Chad Wilkins, who plays exclusively in 432 Hertz.

The mantras on this album were carefully and intuitively selected to provide you with a powerful experience of sacred sound.

Enjoy Sirgun‘s sweet and clear voice, the wonderful, heartfelt melodies and the musical settings of colourful and different styles!


  • Bhalay Amar Das (03:07)
  • Har Piaarai Jio (08:17)
  • Total Surrender (06:05)
  • Bahuta Karam (05:52)
  • Love is (04:49)
  • Amul (04:23)
  • Steady as Stone (05:58)
  • Ra Ma Da Sa (07:57)
  • Kabir‘s Realization (09:14)

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