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Aquarian Sadhana - Wahe Guru Kaur CD

Aquarian Sadhana - Wahe Guru Kaur CD

Item No: SAD-017
17,50  incl. 19% VAT

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Wahe Guru Kaur's Aquarian Sadhana is a meditation CD designed to elevate human consciousness during the Aquarian Age. These Kundalini Yoga mantras called produce a special energy that can purify and heal the human psyche.

Blending ancient rhythms with contemporary western instruments, singer and mulsti-instrumentalist Wahe Guru Kaur (also known as "Wah!") initiates the listener into a world of uplifting and spirit-filled music. The morning Sedhana becomes a deeply meditative experience and the music and mantras will carry you throughout your day.


  • Wah Yantee (07:31)
  • Mool Mantra (06:54)
  • Sat Siri Akal (07:17)
  • Rakhe Rakhanhar (07:35)
  • Wahe Guru Wahe Jio (22:50)
  • Guru Ram Das Chant (05:21)

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