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 White Sound Gong - Devinderjit Ada Namani CD

White Sound Gong - Devinderjit Ada Namani CD

Gong - Singing Bowls - Monochord, For Meditation and Deep Relaxation

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WHITE SOUND is the central part of a gong meditation: the climax, when the gong’s sound culmi-nates and helps the listener’s mind to surrender into a meditative inner silence. This is most efficient and truly overwhelming as a life experience – so if you have a chance, go and join a gong meditation by an adept player. Get a hunch of it on minutes 9 to 10 of the Gong Meditation-track (No. 6); but as White Sound is really beyond recording, most of the present CD was recorded at a lower volume. All of it was performed in a conscious trance, using inner techniques to help the listener meditate and let go. All instruments are tuned and played for creating inner peace. They were recorded in a healing surrounding, using six separate microphones, and very carefully re-mastered, to optimally match the natural sound.

USE THIS CD for going within – the duration of around eleven minutes is recommended for deep reviving relaxation, keeping you in a pre-sleep state –, in yoga classes, or in hypnotherapy. Gong meditation track can be used when there is no gong (or schooled gong player) available (Kundalini Yoga sets often include gong to accelerate the effects of yoga, or as an experience of its own right). If you or your students expe-rienced a live gong meditation before, the brain will recall its real trance effect and react in almost the same way. Monochord track might also be used for shorter relaxation, as it may be faded in and out for any required duration.

MAKE SURE THE RECORDING IS PLAYED neither too loud, to avoid hurting your ears, nor too low to be felt, by checking the middle of the respective track. Sit or lay in a comfortable position, feel and meditate. Listen to the sound resonate in every cell of your body. If inner pictures or emotions arise, go back to the physical sensation of the sound, and let them fade away. Just be, whatever happens may happen, let go.

THE GONG used for this recording is a 32” (81 cm) symphonic TamTam gong manufactured by Paiste, which had been played for more the six years for healing. This type and brand of gong is recom-mended for gong meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Nanak Dev Singh, and each time it is played in a therapeutic and meditative way, its tune turns more subtle and efficient. Gong meditation is done for healing old pain and trauma; it is all about surrender and transformation.

SINGING BOWLS have a similar effect on the human mind, but in a motherly way, connecting you to the earth, carrying you through, and … singing! This set of bowls was made by a Nepalese family manufacture with a long tradition in this craft. The bowls were chosen to be played matching distinct areas of the human body, by physical resonance and chakras. They are also used for sound massage.

THE MONOCHORD was built by Johannes Baehr of Spirit Sound Art. The instrument’s mul-tiple chords are all tuned in the heart sound C# of the same octave. When played simultaneously, the friction of these multiple identical sounds produces rich overtones. The monochord is a lengthy box which can also be laid on a client’s body for intense sound therapy. Its sound brings both stimulus and release to the nervous system.

Ada Devinderjit is a naturopath for holistic psychotherapy, yoga teacher and specialty teachers trainer in Hamburg, Germany. She is a gong student of Nanak Dev Singh (Berlin).


  • Singing Bowls I (13:37)
  • Singing Bowls II (12:21)
  • Monochord (11:19)
  • Gong Relaxation Pyramide (9:28)
  • Gong Relaxation Waves (11:40)
  • Gong Meditation (21:15)

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