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 Great Habits Poster (German) + Yogi Tee Feel Pure ACTION SET

Great Habits Poster (German) + Yogi Tee Feel Pure ACTION SET

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Special offer set at a special price - embrace springtime!

1 x The decoratively illustrated Great Habits poster (German) with 16 effective tips for a vital lifestyle.
1 x Yogi Tea Feel Pure (Detox Dandelion) - the delicious companion for inner processes, ideal supplement for healthy nutrition, fasting cures or diets.

  • The decoratively and attractively illustrated Great Habits poster (German version) offers 16 valuable, effective Yogi tips for a vital and healthy lifestyle. This daily routine highlights the most important activities to maintain a yogic lifestyle.
    With an extra sheet comes the explanation of why these habits work so well.
    In addition, some yogic terms are explained.
    Format: A3 (approx. 29,5 x 42 cm)
    Folded 1 x in the middle
    Enclosed supplementary sheet with explanations (A4)
    Language: German
  • Yogi Tea Feel Pure (Detox Dandelion) is highly popular because of its well-balanced mixture of hot and sweet spices. It is offered to us daily, especially as a delicious companion for a healthy diet, during diets or a fasting cure.
    Contents: 17 tea bags

We are sorry that for this item the yoga teacher discount is not applicable.

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