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Vacha Churna (Calamus root powder) organic

Vacha Churna (Calamus root powder) organic

Organic spice powder of the root

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Calamus root (botanical name Rhizoma calami), known and valued in Ayurveda under the name "Vacha", has proven itself as an ingredient in many recipes and also as an additive for tea. The root of Calamus ground is usually added to various dishes as a spice and brings relaxation.

The Calamus root has a strong and aromatic flavor, so that a small amount is sufficient. Used in the right proportions, the Calamus root can also balance Kapha.

Available package sizes:
(Powder, finely ground)

  • 50 g
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  • 1 kilo

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Additional product information

Organic spice powder of the root


Calmus root * (Acorus calamus).
* certified organic

Preparation / Usage:

Stir approximately in 1g of powder (one teaspoon) in warm water and drink

Storage & Use:

Store in a cool, dry place


Non-EU agriculture


50 g + 1 kg: Seyfrieds Naturwaren, Am Berg 7, D-49143 Bissendorf
100 g: Ayurveda Handels GmbH, D-22041 Hamburg

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