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The Pearl: Maiden, Mother, Crone - Sat Purkh CD

The Pearl: Maiden, Mother, Crone - Sat Purkh CD

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Sat Purkh’s incredible album The Pearl: Maiden, Mother, Crone is a collection of songs, Shabads and Mantras that celebrate a woman’s identity. Singing and practicing these Shabads and repeating these sacred hymns will bless every woman with her own grace, strength and power, and her prayer will serve to bless the lives of women and girls all around the world.

The origin of this album's title is two-fold: it is dedicated to Janis Joplin, the amazing, full-throated, soulful but also broken singer from Sat Purkh’s home state, Texas. Sat Purkh grew up enamored of Janis’ power, and how she just put it all out there. Janis Joplin’s nickname was Pearl and she was a gem. But she was also damaged, as many of us are as women, in our culture and in cultures around the globe.

But when we say: “Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh! - Your purity belongs to God and your victory belongs to God”, it is none of our business if we think we are pure or not - it's God's. And because it's God's it can never be broken or tarnished or damaged; it's Antar and it is unchanging. When we begin to experience our own inner purity and we recognize ourselves as that kind of “Pearl” - the Pearl of Great Price, we may realize that we have been selling ourselves short our entire life. We may have been exchanging everything for nothing. And that's when the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan really begin to work on our inner psyche, and true change can set in.

The album The Pearl: Maiden, Mother, Crone is a reflection of the sacred yogic teachings, with Mantras and Shabads that helped Sat Purkh rewrite her own story and become the woman she is today. May it serve you in finding your own true worth: the Pearl within.


  • Durga Mantra (06:41)
  • Gaia Shabad (05:49)
  • Shakti Mantra - Ek Ong Kaar Sat Naam Siree Wahe Guroo (05:50)
  • Down on Me - I-aanrhee-ai Shabad Recitation (03:03)
  • Jammee-aa Poot Bhagat Govind Kaa-Govinda Govinda Govinda (09:44)
  • Poota Maataa Kee Aasees (07:09)
  • Guru Gayatri Mantra (11:23)
  • Sopurkh Recitation (02:53)
  • Bhand Jammee-ai (08:31)
  • 30th Pauree - Ekaa maa-ee jugat viaa-ee (09:42)

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