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Songs for the Inner Child - Shaina Noll CD

Songs for the Inner Child - Shaina Noll CD

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Although this CD is not directly based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan or the mostly practised chanting of mantras, it carries a wonderful strength: the reconciliation with and the Love to your child - may it be the inner child or the outer child.

So far we don't know anybody who was able to hold his/her tears when listening to this wonderfully soothing Love-embrace for the first time. The healing and consolation which happen at this moment are deep and unique. Shaina Noll sings on her bestseller-album Songs for the Inner Child with a wonderfully sweet, soft and clear voice which is carried by a Love that will immediately touch your heart.

Part One - Reminders:
How could anyone (5:30)
It's a joy to get to know you (3:45)
Return Again (3:51)
Everything possible (4:14)
You can Relax now (5:20)

Part Two - Lullabies and Blessings:
Peace be with you (4:09)
All through the night (4:12)
Lullabye and goodnight (3:12)
Lullabye (4:00)
Deep Peace (5:33).

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