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Protection - Mata Mandir Singh & Friends CD

Protection - Mata Mandir Singh & Friends CD

The Yoga of Sound-Series

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Bringing into balance the five tattvas is the ultimate protection. They will create a shield to protect you when they are in balance. As humans we do not have the protection afforded much of the animal kingdom in terms of teeth, claws and horns. What we do have is our intuition, our sensitivity and protective aura or magnetic field. Through the music and mantras on Mata Mandir Singh's album Protection, we can build our intuition and add energy to our protective auras.

When the inner vibration is strong and focused, the outer projection is the same, and our ability to keep our presence of mind and inner integrity, to make correct choices under stress, is enhanced. Mata Mandir Singhs rich musical settings and the choice of mantras on Pritection are once again an enjoyment of the special kind!

One of Mata Mandir Singh's specialties is to invite other musicians to join into his music - on Relaxation, you will hear the ingenious guitar play of dutch guitarist Michael Benedik and the great singing of Gurudass Kaur which enrich this album beautifully.


  • Rakhay Rakhanhar (15:49)
  • Guru Ram Das (16:03)
  • Ik Ardas (17:24)
  • Aap Sahaee Hoa (15:42)
  • Interlude 4th Ether (instrumental) (2:39)

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