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Pilgrim Heart - Krishna Das CD

Pilgrim Heart - Krishna Das CD

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This album is described by Krishna Das himself as "The greatest hits of the Kali Yuga, Part II". In his inimitable and humourous style, he introduces a CD that reflects a process of development that has been going for him for at least 51 years. It is a process of opening the heart, letting go of fear, self judging and allowing the true self to be present.
Krishna Das describes chanting as ".. a constant companion..[allowing]...the river of love to flow into me and through me." It is this river of love that pours forth from the album and touches the listener, enabling the spark of love within to kindle and burn brightly. Chanting is at the heart of Bhakti Yoga ( the yoga of devotion). It opens the inner eye residing in the heart and cleans the mirror of the heart so it may reflect with clarity and purity, the truth within.
This album has been dedicated to two longstanding disciples of Maharaj-ji, K.C.Tewari and Dada Mukerjee. Both men had a profound and lasting influence on Krishna Das and Pilgrim Heart expresses this undying gratitude in every way.
An inspiring addition for any yoga class or devotional gathering.

Typical of Krishna Das (and Bhajans) is the economical instrumentation and the frequent repetition of the text. Through the repetition a very special vibration is created in the listener (and singer). Krishna Das' deep gravelly voice and a chorus join to the gentle music from percussion, drums, harmonium and synthesizer.
The whole arrangement creates a very smooth music well suited for meditation (the first track on the CD is only suitable for dynamic meditation). Of course you can use the music as background music for quiet moments.
For those who attach importance to the concept of stars: in “Mountain Hare Krishna” Sting sings in the background, and Madonna is said to have taken the yoga lessons with Krishna.


  • Namah Shivaya 7:17
  • Govinda Hare 5:17
  • Mountain Hare Krishna 8:06
  • Mahamantra Meltdown 16:05
  • Hara Hara Mahader 4:52
  • Kalabinashini Kali 4:42
  • The Goddess Suite Mother Song 2:48
  • Devi Puja 6:20; Jaya Jagatambe 6:15
  • Yah Devi (Goddess This) 2:41
  • Devi Rave 4:29
  • The Ring Song 4:28

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