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Peace Prayer - Taran Kaur & Gandharva CD

Peace Prayer - Taran Kaur & Gandharva CD

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Taran Kaur's CD Peace Prayer is a surprising display of fireworks with new and refreshingly rich sounds. Russian singer Taran Kaur and her band of talented musicians have created very beautiful melodies for the Kundalini Mantras and Chants on her album, with a sophisticated choice of well-balanced sounds and musical effects.

The variety of rhythms on the different tracks of Peace Prayer and many musical passages full of new ideas create a magnificent sound which is anchored in the soul-depth of a culture which is thousands of years old. It invites you to sing along, meditate, dance or simply relax. This album can perfectly be used for your Yoga practice and also during Yoga classes.

Last but not least Taran Kaur’s voice and Gandharva's excellent guitar variations carry you with their power and profound warmth, while the vocal harmonies and brilliant effects enhance the effect of the Mantras even more - it’s a pure joy to listen to it!


  • Aakhan Jor (7:30)
  • Adi Shakti (9:10)
  • Peace Prayer (11:30)
  • Say Saraswati (11:00)
  • Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (Full Version) (7:20)
  • Aap Sahai Hoa (7:50)
  • Aap Gavaee-Ai (7:10)
  • Gobinday Mukanday (6:20)

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