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Path of Love - Satwant Kaur CD

Path of Love - Satwant Kaur CD

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The debut album Path of Love by the British singer and Yogini Satwant Kaur convinces through its simplicity, honesty and fine elegance. Beautiful, finely woven melodies, supported mainly by Satwant's guitar and her uplifting, loving vocals, make the fundamental essence of the mantras, songs and shabads sparkle - clear, bright, authentic, meditative and very inspiring.

The sweetness and lightness in Satwant Kaur's voice is particularly emphasized by an arrangement that focuses on the essentials, giving her music a very special and pleasantly personal touch. On some tracks Satwant Kaur is musically supported by Ram Singh, whose warm and gentle voice enriches the album perfectly. Decently set percussions, flute, santur and cello round off the flattering picture.

Here, great and powerful mantras are being delicately enrobed in a tangible musical garment – thus, listening and meditating to Path of Love is real fun!


  • Chattr Chakra Vartee (11:10)
  • Humee Hum Brahm Hum (11:08)
  • Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru (10:01)
  • Ra Ma Da Sa (11:08)
  • Gur Poorai Kirpaa Karee (08:04)
  • Jap Man Satnaam (12:59)
  • Mul Mantra (08:07)
  • Love (05:03)

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