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 Kundalini Yoga Meets Naad, Vol. 2 - Poets of Male Energy CD

Kundalini Yoga Meets Naad, Vol. 2 - Poets of Male Energy CD

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Kundalini Yoga meets Naad Vol. 2 is the new work of the Duo Poets of Male Energy. In a strong shamanic, mystical depth there are sound bowls resounding, and we can hear drums, flutes and guitar as a meditative base for powerful Kundalini Mantra Chants.

Like on the debut album Kundalini Yoga meets Naad Vol.1 (published 2012), the artists have composed several Kundalini Mantra versions in the length of 11 minutes, so they can easily be used during a Yoga class or for relaxation. According to Yogi Bhajan, 11 minutes is one perfect duration for a meditation.

The sound current is created by two main components, the human voice and the singing bowl. Several harmonies put together in choir like passages and simple but effective instrumental accompaniments are intuitively used to support the character of each of the powerful mantras.
The idea to combine the healing energies of singing bowls with the holy and healing language Gurmukhi which is used for Kundalini Yoga mantras was born in 2012, as in the Yoga center in Bremen singing bowls had already been successfully used during classes.

Björn Sarabdhir Singh Göran Detjen and Uwe Mahan Deva Singh Salzmann musically work together on their project Poets Of Male Energy since summer 2012.
Sarabdhir Singh is a music teacher in a high school in Niedersachsen, lives in Bremen and is also a composer and rock musician (
Mahan Deva Singh is a singer and actor. His musical experiences range from singing folk songs to Jazz, Musicals and rock and even classical and modern concert and opera music.


  • 7 Waves Sat Nam (06:16)
  • Gobinde Mukande (11:11)
  • Wahe Guru (11:17)
  • Aap Sahae Hoa (11:12)
  • Ong (11:07)
  • Sat Siri Akaal (11:11)
  • Healing Sleep (Instrumental Sound Bowls) (11:10)

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