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 Yogimat Nature, Standard 75 x 200 cm

Yogimat Nature, Standard 75 x 200 cm

Pure wool and latex underside

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Weight: 2,40 kg  2,40 kg
Volume: 3,70 kg  3,70 kg
EAN: 4250193502669
Item No: 4390
65,00  incl. 19% VAT
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The yogimat Nature is an especially skin- and body-friendly natural-fibre yogamat, made of pure wool with an anti-slippery latex-underside.

Surface: 100 % pure wool, very soft, warm and dense. High quality made. Hair-length ca. 15 mm.

Underside: anti-slippery, very solid natural latex.

This high-quality yogamat is suitable especially as a warm, comfortable exercise mat for yoga and meditation. It is as well a base for seminars, yogastudios or your yoga room at home, as a secure bottom for yoga-therapeutic treatmens.

Size: Standard, 75 x 200 cm.

Used raw materials:
Top side: 100 % Virginiawool.
Downside: 84 % Natural latex, 16% Polyester.

Natural Yoga mats

Natural Yoga mats

Natural Yoga mats made of wool provide isolating, breathing and moistness-exchanging. Also from cork, linnen, jute, natural rubber or cocos fibre.

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