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Ik Ardas - Tarn Taran Singh CD

Ik Ardas - Tarn Taran Singh CD

Item No: KH-548
11,90  incl. 19% VAT

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Ik Ardas means “my prayer”. Yogi Bhajan said that meditation was when we listened to God and prayer was when we talked to God. These mantras, shabads and songs reflect his prayer, that by becoming one with the One, we live healthy, happy, and spirituelly fulfilled lives.

Let the mantras and music permeate your subconscious in every part of your daily live, or by putting them on continous play when you sleep. The track “Kal Akaal” was the Festival-Meditation of the Yoga Festival in France 2005.


  • Ik Ardas (7:21)
  • Humee Hum Brahm Hum (11:03)
  • Kal Akal (12:10)
  • Pran Sutra (11:18)
  • Ad Such (11:34)
  • One Day (5:20)
  • Rakho Saranaaee (3:05)

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