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Gratitude - Laeela CD

Gratitude - Laeela CD

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Deep from the heart of Pacha Mama, the mother of all life, the touching music of the Duo Laeela leads us through the elements of nature, and all the way up to the Infinite Spheres of Father Heaven. Their album Gratitude is a sensitive, musically ingeniously arranged mix of gentle holy songs and rhythmic melodies from the South American medical world of the jungle, coupled with the spiritual music world of India. Ancient mantras from the traditions of Kundalini Yoga and Bhakti Yoga are interwoven with English, Spanish and Brazilian prayers in a natural, uplifting and at the same time deeply relaxing music. Warm-hearted, velvety-embracing, gentle and highly alive – welcome in the home of your heart!

Laeela say about their album Gratitude:

The music of this album refelcts quite a few steps of our journey. In Mexico we discovered the real power of Mama Cacao and fell in love with the medicines of Latinamerica – the jungle, the wildlife, and most of all the music sung in various ceremonies. Gracias a la vida – todo es amor!
Ancient Mantras from India of course keep on conquering our hearts again and again… forever grateful for the magic of Kundalini Yoga and Bhakti Yoga in our life… sending blessings and love to all of you! May our music support you on your path, may it help you to grow deeper into trust, to find peace in yourself, and to love boundlessly…“


  • Siento el Fuego (06:08)
  • Earth Prayer (06:44)
  • Unidade e Paz – Cainã (05:47)
  • Madre Cuñaq (06:22)
  • Creatress – Ek Ong Kar (10:10)
  • Ra Ma Da Sa (08:34)
  • Born in Light – Gayatri Mantra (09:42)
  • Asatoma (04:51)
  • Blessings – Spread Your Wings (03:07)

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