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Golden - Jai Kartar CD

Golden - Jai Kartar CD

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Golden is a journey, a feeling, a connection, a path and the soul radiance. Golden is the title of Jai Kartar's debut album, a wonderful selection of eight mantras gently crafted to suit jai's soulful voice. A journey of heart-felt music into the dawn. Simply golden.

The british singer and Yogini Jai Kartar has a light, warm and very translucent voice which has the capacity to lift you up from your daily stress or any sorrow you might carry. It will light up your day. Producer Moshik Kop from Maya records has set the perfect musical ambience to embrace Jai Kartar’s voice and create a shimmering golden light around it.

Soft and gentle layers of sounds are permeated by the loving power of the mantras and songs, reaching out to you with the hand of a friend, taking you into a warm embrace, and showering divine lightness upon you.


  • Ong Namo (6:32)
  • Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful (7:12)
  • Ong Sohung (8:12)
  • Adi Sahkti (8:05)
  • Ang Sang Wahe Guru (8:50)
  • Ra Ma Da Sa (10:58)
  • Re Man Shabd (7:53)
  • Ardas Bahee (6:00)

Jai Kartar's musical journey has been one of healing and self discovery. Drawn to the heart opening experience of mantra and the devotion in it's vibration, it sparked this within herself, uncovering old musical abilities and freeing her creativity. Developing her song writing on a harmonium and piano, she allows what feels real, original and from her soul to come through. Jai Kartar is also a Kundalini yoga teacher and teacher trainer, Sat Nam Rasayan healer and Constellations facilitator and lives in London developing all sides of her work and service.

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