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Garden of the Gods - Deuter CD

Garden of the Gods - Deuter CD

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The unparalleled celestial soundscapes that Deuter is best known for have attained an even more expansive quality with the addition of the heavenly vocal stylings of Annette Cantor. The sonic textures of voice and keyboard create a profoundly relaxing musical sanctuary on their album Garden of the Gods.

Although Deuter is one of the foremost composers of healing music, he is is equally capable of creating compelling compositions which stand up well in their own right. The opening moments of "Temple of Silence" showcase Deuter's preeminent skills at creating a sonic cushion, one that here does full justice to Annette Cantor's haunting vocals. The following track, the spare "Gaia Dreaming Herself Awake," features delicate interplay between Cantor and Deuter's keyboards, while "Felsen im Licht" evokes the American Southwest through its imaginative use of Native American vocals.

Deuter: vocals, guitar, flute, synthesizer, drums
Annette Cantor: vocals.


  • Temple of Silence (09:15)
  • Gaia dreaming herself awake (07:40)
  • Felsen im Licht (05:20)
  • Kiss of a Rose (08:00)
  • Seashell (10:20)
  • Venus Rising (08:30)
  • Wind in the Trees (5:35)
  • Mountain (03:30)

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