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Yaran - Ahura, Mohammad Eghbal CD

Yaran - Ahura, Mohammad Eghbal CD

Sufi World Music

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Jaran is one of the earliest and most essential compositions of Mohammad Eghbal, who was led to sufism through this poem by the Persian Sufi-mystic Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi after long years of searching.

Sound can make the Unheard felt and the Unseen heard. In a certain way it can show us the Unity and Essence of all things, without ever becoming a doctrine or religion. It is music that can carry this message - like a wave - to all shores of the world. Mohammad´s music is like this wave, carrying outward on the sea of sound, moving in steady rhythm towards the 'shores' of the audience, only to finally blend - with gentle sound - into the silence that is beyond words, and even beyond music.


  • Yaran Seham Djodai Makonid (14:50)
  • Friends Just Open Your Heart (7:48)
  • Friends (as whole is one) (10:02)
  • Separation Is Just in Your Mind (4:55)
  • Hu al awaal - Hu al acher (6:40)
  • This World Is But a Moment (6:15)
  • Dying And Returning (4:54)

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