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 Change - Gurunam Singh CD

Change - Gurunam Singh CD

Item No: KH-742
9,75  incl. 19% VAT

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Give up the fear of darkness
Surrounded in the light
Give up fear of being wrong
And the need to be right
Unto Thee, Unto Thee
I give everything I am Unto Thee

Change by Gurunam Singh is full of the rich, and soulful tones he is known for. For him, this album sees the fruition of a dream, collaborating with Thomas Barquee, producer of Snatam Kaur’s music, who produced his album. Thomas once again added his magical touch to this album, creating fine layers of instrumentation and setting the perfect base for Gurunam Singh to connect with the purest place in his vocals and to bring that out.

Gurunam Singh says in his own words:
”Change is the calm before the storm. It's like sitting on the fence when you don't know what to do, but then the fence breaks and you have to deal with whatever is in front of you, around you or in you, as it were.”
He says,”The part of me that spent time with music when I was 8 to about 15 came out here on Change... and also, the more seductive sides of me and the grief and the anger. These emotions fueled the inspiration. I think this CD is the beginning of something beautiful. It feels like an honest CD.”

All of the tracks have a special magic to them. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa starts the album and, with Gurunam Singh's much loved smooth buttery voice, takes away any hardness you may be harboring.
Namo Namo Dev Guru is rich and sweet, contrasting with the hypnotic, rhythmic sounds of Harji.

With Gurunam Singh it is the emotional depth of his voice that draws the listener in when he sings. What you can feel and become part of, is devotion, just very pure and simple. He has spent some time studying classical Indian music, though his albums reflect his Western influences as well. Change is a very soothing album overall, and would is certainly a valuable addition to your yoga music collection and your own yoga practice.


  • Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa (7:28)
  • Har Ji (11:56)
  • Ant Na Siftee (7:23)
  • Change (5:54)
  • Dhan Siri Guru Gobind Singh (7:36)
  • Namo Namo Dev Guru (8:01)
  • Unto Thee (3:43)

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