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Conversations with Chiron Gong CD - Mark Swan

Conversations with Chiron Gong CD - Mark Swan

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Conversations with Chiron – The wounded healer.

The Chiron-Gong has an approximate frequency of 151.27 Hz and a pitch of D#. The Chiron-Gong, created and manufactured by Paiste, Germany, has long been considered as The Sound Healer’s Gong. Its precisely tuned frequency was formulated by Hans Cousto, author of The Cosmic Octave. Today it remains one of the most powerful shamanic tools in the range of sacred sound instruments and is the primary Gong for initiation, healing and personal transformation.

Chiron, first discovered in 1977, orbits between Saturn and Uranus and is only approximately 180 Km in diameter. It has been classified as both a comet and a minor planet and has also been included in astrological charts. Its eclectic orbit and sometimes maverick behavior aptly reflects its eccentric healing abilities.

Each Planet-Gong works on a particular chakra and a specific physical area. Chiron works on the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye, and with its unconventional methods it works specifically on our deepest wounds. When we look for meaning in turmoil and pain, Chiron finds a way through, sometimes within a relationship or through one of our talents. Its varied tones and etheric vibrations constantly morph and change to suit each client’s needs.

Mark Swan has been a Gong Master as well as Reiki and Seichem Master for over 10 years and is also a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, teaching under his given spiritual name Satjit Singh. Holding Gong bath events across the planet is his live's work. His passion for self-help and personal growth has led him to work in such countries as America, South East Asia and Egvpt, as well as the U.K.

"My mission is to help people release the light or divine essence within themselves. This is not something we have to seek out or obtain, on the contrary, it's something we already have within us. The transition to the Aquarian Age may be difficult for some. The pure and sacred sound of the Gong gives us safe passage on the shamanic journey from dark to light". - Mark Swan


  • Chiron (41:10)
  • Earth (30:50)

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