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Vaar Asa - Prof. Surinder Singh 2 CD-Set

Vaar Asa - Prof. Surinder Singh 2 CD-Set

Asa Di Vaar - Wisdom of Life

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This set of 2 CDs contains a complete recording of Vaar Asa, one of the 22 Vaars (ballads) written in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs. The ballad is composed in Raag Asa and set to the tune of “Tunday Asrajay Ki Dhunni“. This melody goes back to the 16th century and is connected to the Tale of King Tunda Asraj.

The tune of Tunda Asraja is used for this specific Vaar to encourage strength and victory during our daily challenge in life, while reminding us to always seek inner inspiration. Vaar Asa holds the light and courage our mind needs to overcome the pain and laziness that we encounter each day. It has the power to heal the deepest pain and shine the brightest light within us. It was given as a blessing to humanity to unfold and share the true Wisdom of Life.

If you would like to find out more about the tale of King Tunda Asraja and the story behind this recording, please go to:

Vocals: Prof. Surinder Singh & various supporting artists.


  • Shaan (7:16)
  • Vaar Asa Part 1 (63:14)


  • Vaar Asa Part 2 (51:18)

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