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 The Love & Light of Guru Ram Dass CD

The Love & Light of Guru Ram Dass CD

Harnam Singh, Ardas Kaur, Sat Jot Singh

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"The Love and Light of Guru Ram Dass" contains a 31 minute Guru Ram Dass meditation chant and a 6 minute sadhana version. This recording is made to capture the essence, purity and healing power of Guru Ram Dass so that each and every listener may fully experience their own divinity as they relax, breathe and journey deep within. The artists featured on this CD are Harnam Singh (Tony Zatzick) on vocals and acoustic guitar, Ardas Kaur (Anne Novak) on vocals and producer Sat Jot Singh (Noah Gabriel) on vocals, piano, lead guitar, bass and percussion.

While performing as a supporting vocalist, keyboardist and bass player with Snatam Kaur on her 1st tour of 2008, Sat Jot Singh reunited with fellow yogi Harnam Singh during the 700 Voices concert in Danbury, CT. After the show Sat Jot asked Harnam if he would like to showcase some of his new devotional music. When Harnam began to play and sing his original Guru Ram Dass composition, Sat Jot replied "that's simply beautiful...I'd like to change your melody a little, add some additional musical composition, produce, arrange and record it all... and begin laying down the scratch tracks tonight!" Harnam Singh responded with an energetic "Wahe Guru!" They both worked closely together that evening, well into the ambrosial nectar hours laying down the initial scratch tracks for "The Love and Light Of Guru Ram Dass."

Following the conclusion of the Snatam Kaur Celebrate Peace Tour, Sat Jot flew back to his home in Maui for four weeks before returning to Connecticut to produce and record the final tracks for "The Love and Light Of Guru Ram Dass." While in Maui, Sat Jot carved out a few new ideas for the final recording yet was unsure who the female vocalist would be to ultimately grace and balance the track with a sacred feminine vibration. As fate would have it, Harnam invited Sat Jot to a kundalini yoga class taught by Ardas Kaur (Anne Novak) on the first evening of his return trip from Maui. Ardas and Sat Jot had met briefly backstage during the 700 Voices concert several weeks earlier but it wasn't until Ardas began to lead the chant at the end of class that Sat Jot recognized something beautiful in Ardas's singing. In Sat Jot's words, "Ardas has a purely divine feminine energy flowing softly and gracefully from the heart of an angel." With the newly aquired divine guidance and sacred feminine vibration of Ardas Kaur added to the mix, Sat Jot once again set up his mobile recording studio at Harnam's home and Ardas's home where they all began to embrace the process of recording and surrendering to The Love & Light of Guru Ram Dass.

1. Guru Ram Dass (Meditation) 31.00
2. Guru Ram Dass (Sadhana Version) 6.00

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