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The Heartbeat of We - Har Dyal CD

The Heartbeat of We - Har Dyal CD

Item No: KH-919
14,95  incl. 19% VAT

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The third album by Har Dyal, The Heartbeat of We, contains Kundalini Mantras for active meditation (at least 11 minutes long) and devotional Bhakti Mantras. The musical interpretations of Japji verses and the straight and steady power of the Mantras guide you immediately into a meditative state of Bliss.

With beautiful soundscapes and the intimate dance of the male and female voices, these are songs to relax into, to meditate with, and to expand your mind with and experience the beauty of life through.

This album was produced, engineered and mastered by Tomas Hirdman.


  • Akhan Jor (07:47)
  • Ek Ong Kar (07:13)
  • Guru Ram Das Chant (11:24)
  • Sat Nam Salok (09:57)
  • Sat Narayan Wahe Guru (12:25)
  • The Heartbeat of We (04:09)
  • Wahe Guru Wahe Jio Simran (13:12)

Devotion, beauty and depth are the characteristics in the music of Har Dyal. The dance between the voices of the swedish singers and composers Har Dyal Kaur and Har Dyal Singh creates a beautiful feeling of being together, accompanied by enchanting musical landscapes. This is music that relaxes and expands the listener. The two met through music and singing where they immediately found a deep connection, and are now a married couple and devoted teachers of Kundalini Yoga. They share their music in yoga classes, early morning Sadhana, concerts and kirtans. They love the creative force and to be in the flow of creation weather it is through music, creating retreats and workshops, cooking food or dealing with everyday life.

Har Dyal are co-owners of Stockholm Kundalini Yoga Center, Teacher Trainers, Sat Nam Rasayan healers, constant students and lovers of the spiritual and mundane worlds.

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