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Sacred Sounds - Sidak & Sampuran CD

Sacred Sounds - Sidak & Sampuran CD

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The mantras, traditional Raags and devotional songs of the debut album Sacred Sounds of Sidak & Sampuran are "Innertainment" and meditation. They will stir the emotions and inspire internal communication between mind and soul.
The album is presented by the Naad Yoga Council, supported by Raj Academy Conservatoire and Professor Surinder Singh. The classic sung Raags, specific moods, which are expressed by certain melodic structures, are accompanied with traditional Indian stringed and percussion instruments.

Sidak Kaur Khalsa (Germany) and Sampuran Kaur (Spain) touch the heart with their clear and expressive voices. Sacred Sounds is initiated with a meditation on the Beej (seed) mantra: EK ONG KAR, instrumentally accompanied in the atmosphere of the Raag Ramkali.
The emotions in Ramkali are like a wise teacher who disciplines his students. The student is aware of the pain of learning, but knows that it is ultimately the best for him. In this way, Ramkali mediates the transformation of everything that we know, to something of which we are sure it will be better. It is the Raag of the Yogis!

More mantras Shabds and Raags which can be heard on the album:

Gur Merai Sang - Raag Asa:
Raag Asa inspires and encourages the mind to stay tuned and to meet its goals. It gives the audience the strength, determination and ambition to put any excuses and obstacles aside and do what is necessary to achieve the goal. The decisive character of this Raag excludes the option of failure and guarantees success.

Mool Mantra - Raag Parbathi:
The emotion that is conveyed in Raag Parbathi is extreme devotion and reflects intense feelings of trust and love for the object of devotion. This love arises from knowledge, reason, and detailed study, out of which an understanding and a thoughtful will to develop the ability to completely surrender.

Har Ek Simar - Raag Dhanasri:
Listening to Raag Dhanasri boosts your confidence and makes you let go of your anxieties and worries. It assures you that all is well, that all of all your needs are already taken care of, and that there is nothing you have to be afraid of.

Tu Hee Tu Sat Kartar- Raag Sorath:
Sorath gives you the feeling to have such a strong belief in something that you want to repeat this experience forever. In fact, this sense of security is so strong that it becomes faith itself and begins to live that faith. The atmosphere of Sorath is so powerful that it eventually attracts even that otherwise never seem to respond to anything.

Rakhay Rakhanahaar - Raag Goojri:
Imagine you landed in a desert, you have your hands full with water, you have no idea how far your target is away, the water drips slowly out of your hands. This situation will make you aware of how you are running out of time. Whatever you want to do in your life, whatever you want to achieve, whatever your task in this life, do not wait for tomorrow, but start right now. This awareness is awakened by Raag Goojri.

Sat (e) Naam (u) Vaheguroo - Raag Sarang:
This Raag has a soothing character. It cools the mind and its burning desires by getting into the true and pure thoughts of the soul - a relaxing and fulfilling change of mind.


  • Beej Mantra - Raag Ramkali (09:54)
  • Gur Merai Sang - Raag Asa (07:37)
  • Mool Mantra Raag - Parbhati (12:22)
  • Har Ek Sirnar - Raag Dhanasri (composed by Sidak Kaur) (09:27)
  • Tu Hee Tu Sat Kartar - Raag Sorath (09:17)
  • Rakhay Rakhanhaar - Raag Goojri (09:08)
  • Sat(e) Naam(u) Vaheguroo - Raag Sarang (11:00)

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