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Sacred Solar Sounds Gong CD - Mark Swan

Sacred Solar Sounds Gong CD - Mark Swan

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The Gong artist, Mark Swan, says about this CD:
”In making this CD I had to ask myself who will be listening to this CD and why. On completing it I believe it to be a realistic and genuine representation of each Planet’s character and cosmic essence. From the dark brooding tones of Pluto through to the Stella glory of the Sun, each Planet takes the listener on a wondrous journey through our solar system. In a meditative sense that journey will create a resonant synergy within us which will lead us to a greater understanding of who we are and where we are going at the outset of the Aquarian Age.
If you are on a spiritual path and meditate regularly or are simply interested in experiencing something new I hope you find what you are looking for on this Sacred Solar Sounds Gong CD.”

In order to faithfully reproduce an authentic and undiluted organic Gong experience, this digital recording has been designed to capture the full dynamic range. There had been no compression or equalisation applied. All Gongs used are Paiste Planet Gongs tuned to the individual frequencies as formulated by Hans Cousto (“The Cosmic Octave”).


  • 1. Pluto (6:23)
  • 2. Neptune (4:29)
  • 3. Uranus (6:04)
  • 4. Saturn (4:47)
  • 5. Jupiter (5:36)
  • 6. Mars (6:17)
  • 7. Moon (5:19)
  • 8. Earth (7:22)
  • 9. Venus (4:31)
  • 10. Mercury (4:58)
  • 11. Sun (5:27)

Total running time: 61:21.

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