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Pukka Tea Selection Pack organic, 5 x 4 (20) teabags

Pukka Tea Selection Pack organic, 5 x 4 (20) teabags

Selection pack with five popular Pukka-Teas
Herbal collection

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Let us tempt you with this collection of five delicious, award winning* organic Pukka teas. Each of these Pukka teas is made from three varieties of the herb to deliver an exceptional depth of flavour. Due to a lot of demand, now these five special Pukka teas are available in this selection pack:

  • Elderberry & Echinacea Pukka Tea
    A deeply comforting organic super fruity tea blend from the delicious Pukka Tea family.
  • Lemon, Ginger & Manuka-Honey Pukka Tea
    A deeply soothing organic Pukka herbal tea blend of zesty lemon and spicy ginger with sweet, nourishing notes of manuka honey.
  • Night Time Pukka Tea
    Pukka Night Time organic herbal infusion is an excellent blend of oat flower, lavender and lime-tree flower that guides you into a relaxing and comforting sleep.
  • Three Mint Pukka Tea
    Pukka Tea Three Mint is what mint tea really should be - sweet yet intensely fresh with a delicate aromatic scent. Three delicious varieties of mint leaves have been blended to create the fullest flavour. Three Mint will help support digestion and refresh the palate.
  • Feel New Pukka Tea
    Organic aniseed, fennel & cardamom tea: Feel New Pukka tea is perfect to cleanse & revive.

Contents: 20 teabags (4 teabags per sort).
Net weight: 36 g.

Pukka Tea

Pukka Tea

From the spring of Morning Time to the calm of Night Time, Pukka offers delicious organic and fair trade herbal and ayurvedic teas to match your every mood.

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Herbal collection


Elderberry & Echinacea Pukka Tea:
Licorice root*, ginger root*, echinacea root and leaf*(10 %), beetroot*, aniseed*, elderflower*(8 %), peppermint leaf*, orange peel*, elderberry*(6 %), rosehip berry*, acerola fruit* orange essential oil*, natural blackcurrant flavour.

Lemon, Ginger & Manuka-Honey Pukka Tea:
Ginger root* (32%), licorice root*, elderflower*, fennel seed*, lemon verbena leaf*, turmeric root*, lemon essential oil (with vegetable lecithin from non-organic origin), lemon myrtle leaf*, whole lemon* (4%), natural manuka honey flavour (2%) (contains 0,2% non organic antioxidant: ascorbic acid).

Night Time Pukka Tea:
Oat flower (30%), licorice root, chamomile flower, lavender flower (14%), lime flower (10%), valerian root, tulsi leaf.

Three Mint Pukka Tea:
Peppermint leaf (34%), spearmint leaf (34%) fieldmint leaf (32%).

Feel New Pukka Tea:
Aniseed* (40%), fennel seed* (20%), cardamom seed* (15%), licorice root*, coriander seed*, celery seed*.

* All ingredients are from certified organic cultivation.

Storage & Use:

Store in a dry and cool place


EU-/Non-EU agriculture


Pukka Herbs Ltd, 8 Hawkfield
Business Estate, Hawkfield Road
Bristol BS14 OBY, England

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