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 Finest Selection Yogi Tea organic, 9 x 2 teabags

Finest Selection Yogi Tea organic, 9 x 2 teabags

9 Ayurvedic herb and spice Yogi Tea blends
Nine ayurvedic herbal and spice tea mixtures

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Following the year-long wish of many Yogi Tea lovers for a mix pack that is available throughout the entire year, Yogi Tea is now fulfilling that wish: The Yogi Tea mixed pack Finest Selection is a compilation of the most popular of the unique Yogi Tea creations, all in one pack. For variety - to get to know - to try - to give away.

Yogi Tea Finest Selection contains following teas, each 2 teabags:

Contents: 9 x 2 teabags, 34.6 g

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea - the Ayurvedic Tea Classic: With its seductive fragrance and delicious taste, Yogi Tea is a unique experience. All ingredients certified organic.

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Additional product information

Nine ayurvedic herbal and spice tea mixtures


Yogi Tea Classic:
Cinnamon* (50%), cardamom* (15%), ginger* (15%), clove*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*.
Ginger lemon:
Ginger* (43%), licorice*, lemon grass*, black pepper*, lemon peel* (4%), peppermint* (4%), citrus extract* (3%), hibiscus*, dried lemon juice* (2%).
Liquorice* (26%), cinnamon*, burdock root*, ginger*, dandelion* (7%), fennel*, anise* (3%), juniper berries*, coriander*, cardamom*, black pepper*, parsley*, sage*, cloves*, turmeric root*
Sweet Chai:
Anise* (33%), fennel* (21%), licorice* (19%), cardamom*, black pepper*, cinnamon*, ginger*, clove*
Women's Balance:
Raspberry leaves* (35%), licorice*, lemon verbena* (13%), cinnamon*, lemon balm*, ginger*, thyme* (3%), lavender*, oregano*, cardamom*, black Pepper*, cloves*.
Fennel* (31%), chamomile* (17%), peppermint*, cardamom*, lemon balm*, lemongrass*, valerian root* (6%), sage*, lavender blossoms*, nutmeg*.
Choco Yogi Tea:
Cocoa shells* (65%), licorice* (12%), cinnamon* (11%), barley malt*, carob*, cardamom*, ginger*, cloves*, ginger oil*, black pepper*, vanilla extract*, vanilla nuts*.
Throat Comfort :
Licorice* (32%), fennel* (23%), cinnamon*, orange peel*, ginger*, thyme*(4%), king-size candy*, lemon extract, orange extract, cardamom*, black pepper*, carnation*, yellow spice* (32%) Fennel (23%) Cinnamon* (Turmeric).
Green energy:
Green tea* (68%), lemongrass*, guarana* (7%), peppermint*, ginger* (3%), elderberry blossom*, black pepper*, natural aroma, dried Kombucha drink*, bergamot oil*, lemon verbena*.

* from controlled organic cultivation.

Allergy information:

Some teas contain licorice. In case of hypertension, excessive consumption of licorice is not recommended.

Preparation / Usage:

Add boiled water and let it rest for 5-7 minutes. Yogi Tea Classic and Choco Yogi Tea are delicious with milk, rice milk or soy milk. Soften your taste with cane sugar or honey.

Storage & Use:

Dry at max. 20 ° C




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