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Nectar Of The Name - Sat Purkh CD

Nectar Of The Name - Sat Purkh CD

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Sat Purkh’s voice draws you in from the first note. Rich, silky and undeniably expansive, you will eagerly accompany her on this eclectic journey through styles, languages and religious traditions on Nectar of the Name. Sat Purkh seamlessly blends Gurmukhi songs with beautiful English poetry. On Nectar of the Name, her debut album, there is a simple and stunning blend of instrumentation on soul-stirring vocals that are not to be missed.

Her Gurumukhi songs blend traditional melodies and instrumentation with Western compositions and rhythms. Beautiful sitar, tar, keyboards, guitar, trumpet, flute, piano, fiddle, tabla, bongos, and frame drum work together to bring her unique musical style to life.

Sat Purkh has found peace with the spiritual tradition of the Sikhs and the music gives her voice a place for it, but you can hear the soulful church influences of her childhood in some of her English vocals, including the opening track Aisa Nam and The One I Love, a track that translates a line from Hafiz, the well-known Sufi poet that could as easily be a country Christian soundtrack.

The title track, Nectar of the Name, is an amazing choral experiment in calling out the names of God from all faiths. An almost purely vocal track, the layers of vocals layer upon each other slowly in waves, intimately weaving together, and presenting the interconnectedness of all faiths as they slowly merge into a single, beautiful sound.

The grand finale of the album, Guru Dev, is a high-energy Latin-flavored chant with incredible Spanish flute and trumpet accompanied by a multitude of drums from around the world that will have you exalting in the joy of ecstatic chant.

Aisa Naam 6:58
Guru Ram Das 6:24
The One I Love 6:53
Mera Man Loche 4:36
Ardas Bhaee 7:56
Nectar of the Name 6:06
The Time Is Now 7:36
Guru Dev Mata 7:57

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