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Kundalini Remix - Various Artists CD

Kundalini Remix - Various Artists CD

Yoga Mantras Revisited

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Kundalini Remix reveals a divine convergence. Leave your separateness behind, because in these sacred rhythms, you will discover that we are all one. Let’s meet in the temples – and see you on the dance floor!

The DJs on this album, Kundalini Remix, have been charged with a sacred task: go into the cave, get the mantra, mix it with your essence and return it to the people. This is the modern-day hero’s journey in musical form. Listen and go deep within - find the truth - lean into it. The power of the warrior-saint archetype is alive and well in these invigorating rhythms. This is what you can call devotional Electronic Music: The ultimate blend of sacred and worldly. Besides presenting well-known and popular artists such as Sntam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Nirinjan Kaur, Dave Stringer and others, it takes everything elso into consideration and carries you into a new space of hope, divinity, and boundless energy.


  • Mul Mantra (The Sat Nam Remix by Cheb i Sabbah) - Snatam Kaur (5:56)
  • Dukh Par Har (Desert Dwellers Breaks Remix) - Gurunam Singh (5:38)
  • Gobinday (Drumspyder Remix) - Mirabai Ceiba (6:04)
  • In the Light of My Soul (DJ Sharu & Eugene Steele Remix) - GuruGanesha Singh with Snatam Kaur (5:30)
  • Aja Uttama (Duke Mushroom's "House Of Saints" Remix) - Dave Stringer with Karanmrita Dasi (7:20)
  • Naam (Milly De Mori Remix) - Gurunam Singh (7:54)
  • Wahe Guru (Mashti Remix) - Guru Singh (6:50)
  • Jai Tegang (Ran Salman's Radio Remix) - Nirinjan Kaur (4:40)
  • Om Namah Shivaya (SonicTurtle Remix by Adham Shaikh) - Thomas Barquee (10:28)
  • Laya Yoga Chant (Makyo's Tantric Dub) - Sat Kartar (11:04)
  • Ong Namo (DJ Nartak & Five Seasons Rmx) - Snatam Kaur (4:59)

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