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 Magic Box Shoti Maa Tea organic, 12 teabags

Magic Box Shoti Maa Tea organic, 12 teabags

Assortment & Gift box
Ayurvedic herbal and spice mixtures

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The Magic Box offers you all 12 Shoti Maa Teas in a beautifully designed sampler & gift box – twelve delicious cups of organic herbal tea - sample the graceful life with Shoti Maa!

The Magic Box is a sampler, containing each of the twelve Shoti Maa flavors. While it affords the opportunity to investigate the entire line, the Magic Box also presents well on its own as a timeless design with a clear brand presence. As with all Shoti Maa teas, each tea bag is individually sealed.

The Shoti Maa ‘Magic Box’ opens like a small treasure chest. The tea bags are separated into 2 sections: Each section with one of the varieties of the Shoti Maa lines, Chakras & Elements.There is also a small Inspiration Card for collecting or gifting. In the shelf or a cupboard, the Magic Box has a similar size like the other Shoti Maa packages.

12 Shoti Maa Teas: 7 Chakras & 5 Elements:

Contents: 12 teabags = 23,8 g.

Shoti Maa Chakra Teas

Shoti Maa Chakra Teas

The Shoti Maa Chakra Teas are formulated to comfort your senses and correspond with each Chakra. With traditional and special ayurvedic herbs and spices.

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Additional product information

Ayurvedic herbal and spice mixtures


I Am:
Sage* (20%), ginger* (20%), lemon grass*, liquorice*, elderflower* (5%), peppermint*, lemon juice*, black pepper*, lemon peel*, cardamom*, turmeric root*, cinnamon*, cloves*.
In The Mood:
Hibiscus* (48%), orange peel* (18%), lemon grass*, rose hips*, black pepper* (5%), liquorice*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, ginger*, orange extract (1%), cloves*.
Ginger* (35%), fennel* (25%), cinnamon* (10%), cocoa shells*, anise*, cardamom*, turmeric root*, black pepper*, cloves*.
Green tea bancha* (65%), cinnamon* (10%), anise* (5%), barley malt*, bergamot-orange-extract, elderflower*, cardamom*, linden flowers*, ginger*, cinnamon extract, black pepper*, cloves*.
Talk to Me:
Peppermint* (31%), liquorice* (15%), lemon grass*, spearmint* (15%), cinnamon*, lavender flowers* (2%), cardamom*, ginger*, black pepper*, cloves*.
Ginger* (41%), lemon grass*, lemon juice* (8%), liquorice*, peppermint*, lemon verbena*, black pepper*, lemon peel* (2%), lemon extract (2%), cardamom*, turmeric root*, cinnamon*, cloves*.
Touch the Ground:

Honeybush* (20%), cinnamon*, anise* (14%), fennel*, ginger*, coriander*, sage* (5%), lavender flowers*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cloves*.
Emotional Detox:
Hibiscus* (33%), liquorice* (24%), peppermint* (14%), basil*, blackberry leaf*, ginger*, nettle*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, cloves*.
Purity Flame:
Liquorice*, cocoa shells* (15%), spearmint* (10%), blackberry leaf*, anise*, fennel*, ginger*, peppermint* (5%), cinnamon*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cloves*, nettle*, chilli pepper* (1%), rose petals*.
Life on Wings:
Fennel* (17%), ginger*, cinnamon*, cardamom* (10%), liquorice*, anise*, lemon grass*, hops*, orange peel* (3%), basil*, black pepper*, cloves*, fenugreek*, lavender flowers*, yarrow flower*.
Joyful Silence:
Apple* (40%), lemon grass*, honeybush*, hibiscus*, lemon juice* (4%), turmeric root* (4%), cinnamon*, black pepper*, cocoa shells*, lemon extract (1%), basil*, ginger*, cardamom*, cloves*.
Cinnamon* (53%), ginger*, cloves*, black pepper*, cardamom*, fennel*, cinnamon extract, rose petals*, turmeric root*, raspberry leaves*.

* certified organic cultivation

Processing aids:

Contains licorice and coriander.

Allergy information:

Contains licorice. In case of hypertension, excessive consumption of licorice is not recommended.

Storage & Use:

Store in a cool, dry place


EU / Non-EU agriculture


La Alternativa B.V.
Weteringschans 108
NL-1017 XS Amsterdam

Additional information:

This product is flavored with aromatic extracts or aromatic oils.

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