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Evening Prayer Kirtan Sohila - Snatam Kaur CD

Evening Prayer Kirtan Sohila - Snatam Kaur CD

Kirtan Sohila - the evening prayer of the Sikhs.

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Kirtan Sohila means Song of Joy and is a night-prayer in the tradition of Sikh-Dharme, ideally recited right before going to bed. The Kirtan Sohila hasd the power to eliminate negativity, both within you and outside of you, and it supports you in concluding your day in peace, happiness and tranquility. Especially Snatam Kaurs wonderfully soothing voice makes the versions of Kirtan Sohila on this CD a unique experience of peace and inner stillness.

Produced by Thomas Barquee, the album Kirtan Sohila combines Snatam’s soaring vocals with guitars, keyboards, tabla and the magical sounds of Benji Wertheimer’s Esraj (Indian instrument).


  • Kirtan Sohila - Musical (46:18)
  • Kirtan Sohila - Recitation (8:52)

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