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Die Fünf Sutras des Wassermann-Zeitalters - Simrat Singh

Die Fünf Sutras des Wassermann-Zeitalters - Simrat Singh

Yogi Bhajans Kundalini Yoga Sutras

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Wisdom and Inspiration on the Pilgrimage to the Self

With this book, Simrat Singh offers a deep, inspiring insight into the nature of the Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age, given by Yogi Bhajan as a cornerstone and orientation of holistic consciousness and challenges of our time.

The urge to understand and grasp the complexity and wisdom of these Five Sutras in all their depth quickly became a passionate quest, and it became evident that it was ultimately a pilgrimage to the Self, at the end of which we would eventually reach our true home and find our own inner peace.

But first, we need to get down to our essence by reflecting on our human themes and dramas, and indeed exhaust ourselves in them. A pilgrimage has the purpose of renewing, consolidating, or even finding the connection to our higher self. It is an inward journey that awaits us with unforeseen challenges and all facets of life.

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age are a road map that will allow us to stay on a straight path through the darkness and turmoil of our time, without being carried away by the storms of life. They teach us to take responsibility, to be straightforward, to act compassionately and out of an ethical-moral consciousness, and to establish the values ​​that our world so desperately need, so that our children can also live in a livable, healthy world.

This book illuminates in detail many individual areas of yoga wisdom and the philosophy of yoga and additionally offers a deep insight into yogic topics such as:

  • Cosmic, astrological and human cycles
  • Karma, destiny and divine consciousness
  • The 7 steps to happiness (or to hell)
  • Relationship, ego and compassion
  • Mind, Spirit and Soul
  • Emotion, depression, projection and inner demons
  • The nine spiritual treasures and the number principle of the Mool Mantra
  • Polarity-Duality. Neutrality. Wholeness
  • The 10 Bodies, 5 Tattvas and 3 Gunas
  • ... and many more...

Simrat Singh has been a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1 and 2 since 1999 and is a student of Shiv Charan Singh, who inspired him to write this book and whose teachings of Karam Kriya - the science of applied numerology - brought Simrat to the depth and wisdom of the Five Sutras in order to make them more transparent and easier to experience.
Simrat has been working for over 26 years with people of all nations who need intensive care and support. He is a family father and incidentally a musician, artist and nature lover.

  • Format: A4
  • 300 pages
  • With many illustrations
  • Language: German

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