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 Ayur Multimineral Rasayana (MA 1665), 30 g

Ayur Multimineral Rasayana (MA 1665), 30 g

by Maharishi Ayurveda
Ayurvedic food supplement with minerals and plant parts

Net Weight: 30 g  30 g
Weight: 0,08 kg  0,08 kg
EAN: 8713544003360
Item No: 10433
27,95 931,66 € / kg
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Maharishi Ayur Multimineral Rasayana is a special combination of ayurvedic processed ingredients such as calcium, iron and zinc along with selected herbs which are siad to aid in the absorption of these minerals.

Contents: 30 g / 60 tablets.

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Additional product information

Ayurvedic food supplement with minerals and plant parts


The lowest/highest recommended daily dose (4/6 tablets) contains the following ingredients:
Hemidesmus indicus 476/714mg, Asparagus racemosus (shatavari) 186/280 mg, Withania somnifera (ashwagandha) 186/280 mg, Rubia cordifolia 186/280 mg, Emblica officinalis (amalaki) 186/280 mg, Rosa centifolia 93/140 mg, Eclipta alba 93/140 mg, Tinospora cordifolia (guduchi) 93/140 mg, shilajit (mumijo) 93/140 mg, Glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice) 71/106 mg, Santalum album (white sandalwood) 56/84 mg. Thickener acacia gum. Corallium rubrum (coral) 37/56 mg. Aqueous extract from: Hemidesmus indicus 22/33 mg. Lubricant talcum, Creta gallica 18/27 mg, agate 18/27 mg. Aqueous extract from: Phyllanthus niruri 18/27 mg, Sida cordifolia 18/27 mg. Piper longum (pippali) 12/18 mg, Piper nigrum (black pepper) 12/18 mg, Zingiber officinale (ginger) 12/18 mg, pearl 11/16 mg. Zinc oxide 11/16 mg. Ayurvedic elemental iron 9/14 mg. Aqueous extract from: Solanum xanthocarpum 1/2 mg, Solanum indicum 1/2 mg, Premna integrifolia 1/2 mg, Oroxylum indicum 1/2 mg, Desmodium gangeticum 1/2 mg, Uraria picta 1/2 mg, Aegle marmelos 1/2 mg, Gmelina arborea 1/2 mg, Stereospermum suaveolens 1/2 mg, Tribulus terrestris 1/2 mg.

Preparation / Usage:

Dose for adults:
2 tablets 2-3 x per day with water or milk after meals.
With 4/6 tablets a day, the daily dose contains calcium 78/117 mg (10/15% of RI*), 9/14 mg iron (63/100% of RI*), 6,4/9,6 mg zinc (64/96% of RI*).
*= Reference Intake.

Storage & Use:

Store in a dry place




Maharishi Ayurveda Europe B.V.
Veldweg 33
NL-6075 Herkenbosch

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