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 A Rhythm of Light - Shakti & Shiva CD

A Rhythm of Light - Shakti & Shiva CD

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The third album of the german duo Shakti & Shiva, A Rhythm of Light, offers a fireworks of musical listening pleasure. The latest mantra creations of Sigi Vikrampal Kaur Haermand and Ralf Ram Jivan Singh Schoenwiese are as versatile, colorful and radiant as the light.

A chilled, groovy Sa Ta Na Ma invites you to relax, dream, and live your life easily.

In the positive affirmation Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful, you will find a wonderful combination with the Anand Sahib - the mantra of bliss. This 11-minute version is also excellent for meditation.

The "Good Mood Song" A Rhythm of Light fills you with joy and ease and invites you to dance together with Shakti & Shiva through the summer (outdoors, or in your heart ...).

The special "drums"-version of the mantra Prithvi Hai is the rhythmic clock for the wild exuberance and irrepressible joy of life. Beam with the light - and connect heaven and earth!

The specialty about A Rhythm of Light is its versatileness, because even for the contemplative, quiet and still moments you will find the right musical companions here.

An 11-minute, beautifully harmonious version of the mantra Aad Guray Nameh is perfect for doing a Celestial Communication meditation. Shakti & Shiva invite you to join them for a guided Heart Protection Meditation on YouTube - see on the left.

The soulful version of the mantra Ardas Bhai is designed for deep relaxation – whether in a yoga session, at home, or simply for relaxing inbetween your activities.

A special highlight is the Special Bonustrack, a beautiful reinterpretation of the classic Flowers in the Rain, originally composed and sung by Guru Dass Singh Khalsa. A ballad about the courage in life - based on the true story of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru, who lived in India in the 17th century. In loving memory of Guru Dass Singh, who left his body in the summer of 2017 - his wonderful music and songs continue to live in us forever!

On A Rhythm of Light, Shakti & Shiva bring their style to yet another level: classical mantra singing and acoustic instruments are being brilliantly combined with powerful, electronic sounds of omnipresent musical styles - creating a masterpiece of sound, interweaving with the holy sound stream of the mantras, the Naad.

A Rhythm of Light is a light, rhythmic companion for yoga, meditation, relaxation or simply to enjoy and listen - Wahe Guru!


  • Sa Ta Na Ma (07:54)
  • Ad Gure Nameh (11:37)
  • Bountiful Blissful Beautiful (10:44)
  • Prithvi Hai (04:27)
  • A Rhythm of Light (05:54)
  • Pavan Guru (11:52)
  • Ardas Bhai (11:35)
  • Om Shanti (07:02)

Special Bonus Track
In loving memory of Guru Dass Singh:

  • Flowers in the Rain (05:51)

PDF with all Mantras & Texts in German and English

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