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Information about the SEPA Core Direct Debit procedure

What is the SEPA Core Direct Debit procedure

The existing direct debit procedure was replaced by the SEPA Direct Debit procedure. As a consequence of that, a combination of IBAN and BIC is now required for payments, instead of national sort code (bank code) and account number. The existing direct debit authorization is now called "SEPA direct debit mandate".

What are IBAN und BIC

IBAN is the International Bank Account Number. Within the SEPA direct debit procedure it replaces the current (national) account number. BIC (Business Identifier Code) is also known as SWIFT code and is used to uniquely identify the financial institution. Within the SEPA direct debit procedure, the BIC replaces the current (national) bank code.

Conversion of account number and sort code to IBAN and BIC

In order to simplify the transition to the SEPA Direct Debit procedure, we have already converted existing account details of existing customers automatically and safely into IBAN and BIC, so that there is no action necessary from existing customers.
For an initial payment by SEPA direct debit, we ask for your correct IBAN and BIC. Find your IBAN and BIC on your account statement or in the customer area of your online banking website.

Provisions for SEPA Direct Debit

When paying by SEPA Core Direct Debit procedure, you authorize us to collect the invoice amount from your account by submitting a corresponding SEPA mandate. You issue the SEPA mandate by entering your bank account information as well as by activating the additional Checkbox to issue your mandate. With the shipping confirmation you will receive in addition to the mandate reference and our creditor-ID (Creditor identification number: DE 36ZZZ00000119795) a preliminary announcement (Pre-Notification), which is dated at least 5 days with initial direct debits, and at least 2 days with subsequent direct debits prior to the date of the charge of your account. Please note that you are required to provide sufficient funds in the account towards the announced date.
Note: Payment by direct debit via SEPA Core Direct Debit procedure is currently only possible from your 2nd order on, and only with a German, Austrian or Swiss bank account, and applies only for shipments to Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

SEPA direct debit mandate and mandate reference

With the SEPA Direct Debit mandate, you authorize us to collect the payment for your order from your bank account using the SEPA Core Direct Debit procedure. The contents of the SEPA direct debit mandate is automatically created based on the information you enter in regards to your bank account and your address when you place the order. The SEPA mandate is expressly granted by clicking the additional checkbox to issue the mandate. You can view your SEPA direct debit mandate and your mandate reference to your order in your customer account. To do this, please click My orders in "My account".

Duration of the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

Your SEPA direct debit mandate is valid for 36 months. The mandate expires if you did not use the bank account associated to the mandate for more than 36 months for a payment.

Cancellation of the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

You can cancel your SEPA direct debit mandate at any time. To do this, click My SEPA direct debit mandate under "My account". By deleting your bank account, you simultaneously cancel your SEPA direct debit mandate. Clearing your bank account does not affect open purchase orders. You can renew Your SEPA direct debit mandate at any time with a new order by selecting the payment method "Direct Debit".

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