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Of Heaven and Earth - Jai Jagdeesh CD

Of Heaven and Earth - Jai Jagdeesh CD

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Jai-Jagdeesh’s second major release Of Heaven and Earth after her loved debut album I am Thine is filled with the soul-stirring longing of the search for meaning in the life of a spiritual nomad. Jai-Jagdeesh’s voice is great, full of surrender and somewhat bluesy, while having a surprising youthful innocence dancing through every note. This combination of song and mantra is accompanied by world-renowned Sitar-player Leonardo Har Prakash, accompanied by violin, bansuri flute, guitars, harmonium, bass, tablas and cajon.
Produced and Arranged by Krishan. Recorded and Mixed at Open Mind Creations.

Artists and Instruments on this album:
Jai-Jagdeesh : Vocals, Harmonium
Krishan : Vocals, Piano, Keyboards
Leonardo Har Prakash : Sitar
Luis Oliart : Guitar, Bass
Bogdan Djukic : Violin
Sheela Bringi : Bansuri Flute
Trip Dudley : Tablas, Cajon
Tamir Barzilay : Drums
Choir : Adrien Roberts, Kat Grodrian, Scott Schwenk, Catherine Yerly, Paul Clary


  • Invocation (6:10)
  • Sarovar (09:13)
  • Light of Love (08:01)
  • Hallelujah (06:21)
  • Ardas Bhaee (05:52)
  • Pavan Pavan (08:27)
  • Raj Jog (07:09)
  • In Dreams (07:46)
  • Guru Ram Das (09:24)

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