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 in stock
 1-3 days
Net Weight: 20 g  20 g
Weight: 0,05 kg  0,05 kg
Item No: 10460
19,95 99,75 € / 100 g
incl. 7% VAT
plus shipping costs

AyurDefence is a precious blend of 19 herbs. It balances Kapha, increases Agni and promotes Ojas. A powerful and strengthening natural protection for all ages.

 5-10 days
Net Weight: 163,2 g  163,2 g
Weight: 0,32 kg  0,32 kg
Item No: 9556
9,95 6,10 € / 100 g
incl. 7% VAT
plus shipping costs

Ayurvedic tea bestsellers in the Yogi Tea Gift Tin Box: pure enjoyment with the variety of Yogi Tea! Five delicious, incomparable Yogis Teas, 6 teabags each.

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